Saturday, 7 February 2009

A massive success

I'm really happy to say that Fee's debut on Create & Craft on Thursday morning was a massive and overwhelming success. It should've been an hour long show, but ended after half an hour as everything sold out!!!! If any readers watched the show you'll know that Deb's who was appearing with Fee was only able to do about 2 demos, in fact, I think she only managed to show how to make a gift bag, the discs sold that quickly.

I'll be letting you know when her show appearances are by displaying the picture above. In the meantime you can visit her site by clicking her banner on the right hand side.


1 comment:

Glitzzy said...

Hi Denyze,sorry to say I missed your friend on create and craft,so please give me a shout when on next.Thanks,glad you liked your award!!
Take care Love Maureen x

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