Saturday, 19 September 2009

Where does the time go?

Just over a month since my last post, what a naughty blogger I've been. Since then I've been on holiday to Dorset for 17 days to stop with friends, and while there we visited my OH uncle in Torquay who's recovering from having a major op after having been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I ended up nipping into Newton Abbot to visit The Craft Room (just like last year) and spent more than I wanted too......then a few days later had to return to the same shop with a faulty border punch, somehow or another I ended up buying even more stuff......why?????

Made some cards to sell at The Symondsbury Fete, which we always go to while we're in Dorset. Didn't sell any, many looked and commented, but no luck. I spoke to another lady who was selling cards from kits that she'd bought on QVC, and she didn't sell any either. Our friends who always have things to sell didn't do too badly themselves, it seems most people are just looking for knick-knacks, or wanting something for nothing.

I tried to sell something for a fellow crafter, that she'd made from wood, lots of people showed an interest saying how well made it was and unusual. It's called a tall trees box, made from walnut 'serpentine' shaped. Linda who made it, is very talented in what she does, and her latest make is book ends in the shape of horses. She also recently made a cook book stand from (if I'm correct) 1 piece of wood. I'm going to put the box on here in the next few days to see if anyone is interested in buying it. It would make a nice, unusual present for christmas or birthday. In the mean time you can look at some of her work here and you'll see what I mean.

I've been feeling under the weather since Thursday which for a change isn't food related. I was in the middle of the housework, when I noticed I was seeing floaty things in front of my right eye, tried to read the paper but couldn't do it, so I sat down and closed my eyes for a few minutes, then felt ok to carry on. The same thing happened again not long after but my head felt strange, not like a headache or migraine, just pain across my forehead. Took painkillers, then stomach cramps started and I was in the bathroom. Lay on the sofa and managed to cat nap, but ended up in the bathroom again later a few more times. It's easing off now (I hope) but I'm still getting stomach cramps every now and again.

Got my laptop back on Wednesday as it had to be repaired, the bit where the dc jack goes in had come loose, which I've found out is common in Toshiba machines.

Tomorrow I'll get some makes posted on here as they've all been received now, except one due to the postal strike.

Till then

Ta ta.


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