Saturday, 4 July 2009

I've found me!!!!

I've just googled me and my blog is now listed, must have to wait 24 hours for the change in my settings to take effect. But here's the freaky bit, last night when I googled denyze-densden, every post that I've made on Crafts Beautiful came up. When I did my name only, my 'windows live' page was listed, luckily I wasn't signed in, so now I know to sign out all the time, and my yuku page on Feej's site was listed, normally I wouldn't sign out, but now have done.

There's few other Denyze's out there too.....


Tasha said...

Hey Denyze, thanks for your two wonderful comments, you are too kind though! The things i used around the frame are acrylic baubles but they are not quite the same as the Dew Drops that i usually use for framing as i had run out of clear dew drops. Dew drops are more uniformed and smooth and round, i love dew drops.

Gosh the second question is a bit hard to answer - i dont think i do come up with different deas i think my cards all look samey. Usually i look at the image and paperrs and take it from there if im using a sketch i work out theppapers and images that would go best and build up from there.

How you doing anyway?

Oh ive had a nightmare with a company hijacking my account and then they send a virus from your email acocunt and it can dissable others computers! So always log out
love tasha xx

Enfys said...

Hiya Den,
My kids think it's hilarious that the only person in the family who comes up with pages on google is their dear old mum!
Happy sunday,
En xx

Lisa Olson said...

Hi Den, will do I mean there may be more interest at Lous yet but just not sure how its going to pan out.
Take care
Oh and u can email if you want to.

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