Friday, 3 July 2009

There's another me!!!!

Well almost. I've found another blog that's also called Den's Crafty Den..I only found it as I've changed one of my settings, and when I googled me I wasn't there, but the other one was. Same name but different spelling. I spell my name with a 'y' and the other Den spells her's with an 'i'....which funnily enough is how I used to spell my name when I was about 14 up until my early twenties.

Now I've just got to work out how I can be found on google.



Enfys said...

You mean there's two of you? How do I know which one to meet on tuesday? I think google will find you rather than the other way, the important thing is what you put in your labels bar apparently.

Denize said...

Hi Denyze! It's Denize! Thanks for your comment on my blog ... always nice to get some compliments! Your work is lovely too and look forward to viewing your blog from time to time.
Nice to meet you!!! d x

Pamela said...

I know how this feels Denyze! I don't like my name being shortened to Pam so I give people the option of calling me Pamela or PJ. When I joined FeeJ's forum I find there's someone using the name PJay. And not only that but she hates being called Pam as much as I do! SPOOKY!
Hugs, Pamela

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